Friday, October 26, 2012

pumpkins, pancakes, and pool

We had the very special treat of being visited by my whole family this past weekend! It was so fun to have them here and get to spend time all together.

On Saturday night we went to the Highwood Pumpkin Fest. There were 38,000 carved pumpkins. Pretty impressive. There were also 38,000 people (slight exaggeration) so we didn't stay long. But, we were there long enough to get a few good pictures!

At the festival, there were two bands playing at once and lot of vendors and food. But, it was way too crowded to enjoy any of that. I really did enjoy seeing this cutie! He melts my heart!

Nephew Ethan - 9 months

Sunday morning we got together for breakfast. Ethan loves to put his feet up and relax.

Then it was off to the pool. The water was so warm. I had a great time swimming around with Ethan. He is so much fun to be around. As is the rest of the family :)

It was so great to have a visit from family. Dave felt so refreshed after having some down time. Thanks everyone for coming and enduring the long car ride with an infant. It meant so much to us.

Now, we get to look forward to another visit from family this stay tuned!

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  1. yay! I love the pictures. You NEED to blog more often! :)