Tuesday, March 20, 2012

first anniversary

I can't believe we have been married one whole year. Not to mention the longest first year of marriage that you can have! Leap year you know! :)

This year has been great. We have been so blessed in this first year of marriage. A friend asked us what that best part of this first year has been. We both said companionship. We have really enjoyed being together.

Yesterday was the official day. We were very busy. I worked all day then went to Bible Study. Dave had an afternoon and evening class. So we met up at home at about 9:30. We got out our wedding cake and had a slice. The cake was sooooooo good! Even a year later! Thanks For Goodness Cakes!

This weekend we have a one night get away planned. We can't wait!

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  1. well...now, jayma...that's not EXACTLY what he said! :) thanks for the fun times this past weekend. so glad you and dave are in our lives. so glad God brought you two together in his perfect timing. so excited to see where He leads you both! congrats on your first happy year!