Monday, March 5, 2012

sisters, sisters...

...there were never such devoted sisters! Name that movie!

We grew up in a household of old movies, mostly musicals. I remember my sister and I (on several different occasions) turning bed sheets into beautiful gowns and dancing around the living room (to my sister's choreography of course). It didn't matter what the movie was, the sheets always made the perfect outfits. We had all the songs memorized and would sing and act our hearts out.

I remember one summer we spent many hours writing down all the lyrics of Don McLean's American Pie so we could have the entire song memorized. We listened to it on the record player so "rewinding" every few lines made the task even more difficult ;) Its funny to think how now you can click a couple of times on the internet and have they lyrics right there! Oh well! We got it memorized!

My big sister and I had a lot of fun together growing up. There were the fights like all siblings have, but its easy to forget those and remember all the great times. A lot of our fondest memories are from the lake. One that has come to mind recently is when we would play Little House on the Prairie. I don't really recall ever watching the show, but that was what we named our pretend game. We would set up little houses by using rocks to make the perimeter of our houses and fire pits. We would take our dishes out and make pretend meals. We would sweep the floors and keep the fire going. We could play like that for hours.

aren't we so cute!

Then we grew up and did way cooler things like take a road trip and visit the worlds largest spur and ball of twine!

aren't we cool!?!

As we have grown into our adult lives, we have had ups and downs. We have learned a lot about each other. We have supported each others hobbies. Listened to each other during rough times. Loved each other even when it was hard. We have become such great friends. I miss her so much. I want to be around to see her grow into the role of being a mom and grow our relationship.

My sister was always strong for me. She would always encourage me to be brave and tell me I could do things when I never thought I could. I remember her sacrificing for me so that I would be comfortable. I remember her holding my hand so I wouldn't be scared. I have a great big sister. I'm so thankful for how our relationship has grown. I love her so much these words don't seem to be enough.

I could go on and on with stories and great pictures. But this will do for now. I love you seester!

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