Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day weekend

Dave and I were able to get away again this weekend for some time with my family. Of course we wanted to spend the weekend on the pontoon boat, but with the rain on its way from Isaac we thought that probably wouldn't happen.  My mom decided to make alternate plans that included going to Indy and racing at the indoor go-kart place. Who doesn't want to race 40 mph go-karts? No one in our family :) Unfortunately, when we got there, they were having a private party and we couldn't do it! So, we went rock climbing instead!

Or, we might have hung out at REI. :) Then we went downtown to Iaria's Italian Restaurant.

It was very tasty. My favorite part was the garlic cheese bread. We had such a fun time as a family. We all took turns walking Ethan around so he wouldn't get bored.

How is Ethan you ask? Well, he is cute as ever. I just love any opportunity to love on him. I'm sure that he was sick of his Aunt Jayma's kisses after spending a couple of days around me! I just can't help myself! I just love to love on him! He is pulling himself up and seems like he will be ready to walk soon. We all kept saying how fast he is getting around! Can't look away for a minute or he'll be into something!

Ethan - 7 months 2 1/2 weeks

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