Tuesday, January 1, 2013

christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas. It has been such a refreshing break in between semesters. While looking through my photos, I'm having a hard time only choosing a few to put in the blog!

We started out with Dave's family and had a wonderful time. Our nieces were very into opening their gifts as quickly as possible!

Lilly (4 years old) and Olivelle (2 years old)

And helping others open theirs as quickly as possible too!!

Dave's Grandpa Jack and Grandma Jenny
We received many handmade items from Dave's mom Penny. Including 2 scarves, 1 hat, 2 pairs of socks, and one blanket. We love all of them!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner that included some fun magic tricks and toys.

Next stop on the trip, was the Carr residence.  We were excited for Ethan's first Christmas. Probably more excited than he was!

Ethan (11 months)

Of course, we all acted more like kids than he did when we were all gifted Nerf guns. My dad had his out of the package before he wrapped it so that he could immediately begin shooting us while we were all trying to get ours out of the package! It was so much fun. We laughed so hard and had fun acting like kids on Christmas morning.

We then proceeded to have target practice with Ethan's toys the rest of the day. It was a fun time for sure!

We also had plenty of time for resting.

The day after Christmas we got 5 inches of snow. Dave had fun clearing 3 driveways with my Dad. It was good for him to be able to burn some energy after all our resting! :) Elizabeth and I braved the storm to do some shopping. There was hardly anyone out so we got first pick on the after Christmas sale items.

What a great Christmas! Looking forward to the New Year!

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