Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day

Yesterday morning I woke up to a dozen red roses :) Isn't he the best!?!? And also a beautiful card. What a sweet way to start Valentine's Day.  It didn't take long for our day to turn into a search around the apartment for a very crucial part of our V-day celebration.

About a week ago we had started talking about what we were going to do.  We are on a very tight budget currently with no income and all :) so we discussed no gifts and what to do for dinner.  Fortunately, we were very happy to receive a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory last week! We were so excited that we could go to one of our favorite places for Valentine's Day and not have to worry about our budget! So the plan was set!

As I was thinking about our plan yesterday morning, I was trying to remember where I had put the gift card. I had put it somewhere "safe" while cleaning up for our house guests last week. The problem was, I couldn't remember what "safe" place I had chosen. I had absolutely no recollection of where I put it. We started looking all over the apartment. I went to all my go to locations for putting things. It was NO WHERE! Dave was very understanding and not mad. He left for school and I needed to get out and run a few errands. I thought that maybe once I got out and about it would come to me. Well, it never did. Dave got home from school and searched the whole apartment again. Then I searched all over again. Our apartment isn't that big so it seemed so crazy that we couldn't find it anywhere.

I asked Dave if he wanted to change our plans and he said that we could still go. So we went. I was so disappointed that I had lost the gift card!  I started to wonder if it had accidentally got thrown away. Then I started feeling even worse about it thinking we'd never find it! I could tell Dave was disappointed too.

We got to dinner and got seated right away. We had planned to go early to beat the rush. We enjoyed our dinner and cheesecake even without the gift card.

We found the gift card this morning :) Now we get to go again! Happy Valentine's!

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