Sunday, June 3, 2012

memorial day weekend

Dave and I went to Muncie over the holiday weekend. This is the first time that Dave has missed going to the Indy 500 in past 8 years.  He was bummed out for sure but got to enjoy listening to the race out on the pontoon on the reservoir. It was hot and the water was cold and it was a great time out on the water. Ethan had a few firsts on this weekend and we were happy to be a part of that! His first boat ride and Indy 500, radio style.

You can tell he was really into the race!
Growing up, we would always go to the lake Memorial Day weekend. It was the first weekend of the summer that we could get the boat on the water and go skiing and tubing. My dad would often offer us five dollars to jump in the water without putting our toe in first. The water was always freezing! One of the down sides of the weekend, for us girls, was the need to listen to the 500 on the radio. Its bad enough that the race would cut into valuable ski time, then you couldn't even watch it! Just listen. :) Great memories at the lake!

Monday we had a cook out at Liz and Randy's. Dave got to experience a sweet moment of Ethan falling asleep on him.

You can tell that Ethan can't wait to be able to play with their dog, Dottie.  He gets so excited watching her and often moves his arms like mad trying to get to her! Dottie may not be as excited when he becomes mobile!

Dave has finished his first semester and first summer class. He enjoyed the break from reading and studying this weekend. Next summer class starts mid-July.  What a blessed weekend with family :)

Dave and brother-in-law Randy

My Mommy and Ethan's Grammy

My Daddio

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