Monday, July 2, 2012

family time - part 3

The grand finale of our three part series! My sister, her husband, and their son, Ethan came up to visit. This was the third week in a row of family visitors.

What a great blessing to have almost all of our family come up in the month of June! It has been busy but very fun.  It's great to be able to show our family where we live and some of the cool things around here.

Elizabeth, Ethan, and Randy
My sister participated in a 4 day conference in a near by suburb so we didn't get to do too many Chicagoland activities. Although, we did partake of some Chicago style deep dish pizza which everyone enjoyed. We took some walks and enjoyed each others company.

It was so fun for Dave and I to get some quality time with little Ethan (Liz and Randy too!). He is sitting up on his own now and he is so close to crawling I feel like it could happen any day!

Seems like just yesterday he was born.  Now he is growing so fast. I love seeing Elizabeth and Randy as Ethan's parents. They are just great with him and you can tell he loves them back so much.

A great way to finish our month of visitors!

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