Wednesday, August 22, 2012

take me out to the ball game

Ever since we moved, Dave has had a list of things he would like to do. On that list was going to a Cubs game. We hadn't actively pursued going to a game since the season started and I wasn't too sure we would make it, but then it happened.

My boss is a huge Cubs fan. I actually got one strike once I was hired because I don't LOVE baseball! (And another strike for not loving coffee...I'm on thin ice!) One day, a little over a week ago, he asked if Dave and I would like to have a couple of his season tickets to the next afternoons game. Of course we accepted! Dave needed a break from his Greek studies and we were excited to spend some quality time together!

We took the "L" into the city. It was great to come up on the field and catch a glimpse of the excitement between buildings.

We enjoyed walking around and seeing the field from all different viewpoints. It was a windy and chilly afternoon!

We feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to go to the game. We had such a great time! After the game, we ate dinner across the street from the stadium. It was fun to watch all the fans walk down the streets. We walked around a little more before we went home. A great afternoon in the city!

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