Saturday, December 8, 2012

christmas time is here

Generally at this time of year I tend to be some what of a bah-hum-bug when it comes to Christmas music and decorating. This year I feel a little bit more in the mood for Christmas, but don't get too excited. Just a little bit more. :)

The first Christmas Dave and I knew each other, he couldn't seem to understand me when I said, "I don't put up a Christmas tree." I asked him what he liked so much about Christmas tree's and he said the lights, so I made him the first ever wall tree.  This is our 3rd Annual Mosher Family Christmas tree.

There have been a few upgrades this year. First, the tree is full size as you can see. The last two years it has been smaller. Second, you will see one ornament hanging from the tree. Not just any ornament, a hand made ornament that I made at my Bible study this week. See! Getting in the Christmas spirit!

So far we have watched 3 Christmas moves with another on the way this week. I can hardly believe myself! Then, I got the crazy idea that I wanted us to make gingerbread houses! It must be this whole turning 30 thing. I'm not in my wacky 20s so I might be changing my ways.

putting our houses together
You may think these are for kids, but getting these houses to stand and stay together is some task! The decorating was a lot of fun. I think Dave enjoyed eating the decorations more!

Overall, I think they turned out pretty good. Now we have our own Christmas village.

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