Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas treats

Since I am all about getting in the Christmas spirit this year, I decided to make some homemade treats. This is not something that happens often. In fact, the last time this probably occurred was when I was a child.

First, I melted Hershey kisses on the square pretzels, then put the top on and dipped them in white chocolate. Final touches with the red sprinkles. These were probably my favorite to make and they turned out super yummy!

I'm not sure if these peanut butter, chocolate pretzels were good or not. They look very tasty, but I never actually got to taste one!

Just in case you needed proof, Dave got a couple pictures of me actually making these sweet treats!

Dave even helped! I'm not sure if he was more interested in helping me with my treats or avoiding studying :)

Dave helped supervise the making of the peppermint bark. It is one of his favorites!

I think that those that got these sweet treats have enjoyed them. I really did enjoy making them! Might even have to make some more before this Christmas season is over!

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