Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Thanksgiving break was great. We spent Thursday with Dave's family at his grandparents house and then Friday at my parents. I had one major issue while we were home. I totally forgot to take my camera to Dave's family Thanksgiving. And, I was having such a good time chatting, I didn't even take any on my phone! Then, I looked through my pictures from my family Thanksgiving, and they are all Ethan, except for one. Lesson learned. But, since I have them, I will show you a few of my favorites of my little nephew!

Ethan - 10 months
My mom got up in the attic to bring down some of our old toys for Ethan to play with. I think at first, Elizabeth and I were more interested in them than he was! But soon after he began to enjoy them.

Not this one, this one made him cry. And I don't really blame him. The little blue "record" in the top would make the train play music while it rolled across the floor. Not sure if it was the moving, or the music that scared him the most!

We had so much fun playing with Ethan now that he is getting a little bigger.

My Grandma Carr made us these blocks when we were little. I'm not sure my mom thought they would make it through the washing machine, but sure enough they did and they looked like new. It was neat to have a different appreciation for all the hard work she put into each side of the blocks.

Ethan also enjoyed helping Grammy in the kitchen getting everything ready.

We had a great time with both of our families. It always seems too short. Dave came back to the final stretch of this semester. He has worked really hard and is very ready for Christmas break! We've been getting into the Christmas spirit around here. Look for another post very soon!

I'll leave you with one picture not of Ethan. My Dad and my brother-in-law Randy.

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