Wednesday, January 4, 2012

aka Jave and Dayma

I have really been into reading several blogs for the past year or so and was perfectly content with that relationship we had! You all write and I read!  I never thought I would start my own blog.  I had all these questions. Would I have enough to say? Would I post regularly? Would what I write about be interesting to others? After months of debating with myself (and having signed up for this blog a week ago) I'm finally writing my first post!

My inspiration for writing this blog comes from our most recent life adventure. Dave and I started praying about him starting school around August. I've known that this would probably be a chapter in our life at some point we just weren't sure when. We visited a school near home in Indiana and then a school in Deerfield, Illinois. I was really pushing for the school closer to home but I knew that Dave really wanted to go to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. About a week after we visited Trinity, Dave received a call that he was accepted into the Masters program. The following Tuesday we found out that Dave received the largest institutional scholarship Trinity offers and it is also the only scholarship they offer that you can get each year you are there. Then two days later we found out that he was accepted in the advanced placement program. And the following Tuesday we had a place to live. God really had this all in order!

We moved up here a little over a week ago, so our first big adventure as a married couple begins. And so does this blog. I hope you enjoy reading to keep up on what is going on with us.

                                                        our first picture, taken May 8, 2010


  1. it's amazing the way God moves in our lives. you keep writing, i'll keep reading, and i'll keep writing mine. blogs are an amazing way to record things we go through, our thoughts, and to keep in touch! i'm so glad you're working on it!

  2. LOVE IT!!! It will be like you guys never left!! I'm glad you two made it there safely. I look forward to more blogs!!! :)