Friday, January 6, 2012

and 5 makes a caravan

Our move up here went about as smooth as a move can go! We had a great group of friends and family help us! Here is the crowd that helped us on the Ft. Wayne end:

We had the truck loaded in just a half hour! Thanks to my wonderful husband packing our whole apartment in a very detailed manner. He had everything ready for when our friends showed up to help. I have to admit, that there were times that the living among boxes for 3 weeks drove me a little crazy, but it was all worth it to have the move go so smoothly.  My parents were also helping us on the Ft. Wayne end and my dad took this photo!

After packing up, we took off to Dave's parents to get a few more things. Check out this skilled rental truck driver!  What a stud!!

After lunch at Dave's parents house we were all ready to go! Ready with our FIVE car caravan! Dave lead in the rental truck, then my dad drove Dave's car, then my mom in their car, then me, then Dave's parents in their car! Whew!

It went really well till we hit the toll booths. We all got separated and it was nuts! I spent most of my drive calling the other 4 cars in in the caravan to make sure everyone was on track. But we made it! We had some great help on this side as well. Although, my picture taking skills weren't as good at the end of the day as at the beginning. Our parents helped so much by carrying in and unpacking! My dad's friend Mark, his wife Brenda and their daughter came from a nearby town to help. We also had a couple guys (Steve and Brad) and a couple boys (Drew and Justin) help us out as well! We did it all in about 9 hours! Not too bad! Did I mention the weather!?!? It totally cooperated with no snow or rain, I would even say it was beautiful out!

We are giving God all the glory for this move! We could see His hands on every aspect of the move. He protected and provided for our every need!

It only took us a few days to get everything unpacked and we are starting to feel at home here! More to come about our new home!

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  1. great job documenting this adventure! Can't wait to see pics of your new place! :)