Thursday, January 12, 2012

oh bob...ross that is

Many years ago, c2002, my good friend Kelsey and I decided we were going to be painters. We went to the store and got all the things we needed, canvas, brushes, paint, etc. We were so excited! We were pretty crafty girls and though this would be fun. Kelsey did well but mine was pretty weak. Needless to say, I don't think we ever picked up those brushes again :)

Kelsey and I c2005

Over the summer, my mom, sister, Carly and I had a girls night out and went to Wine and Canvas in Indy. For those who don't know, this is a place where you go and paint a picture start to finish with the help of an art instructor. It really is a great time and I highly recommend it for a girls night out or date night. Once we were there I instantly thought back to the experience with Kelsey. I wasn't feeling very confident in my skills, but with the help of an art instructor it went pretty well! 

And a close up for your viewing pleasure!

This experience boosted my confidence...a little. Probably everyone has this after they leave Wine and Canvas. The "well I could do this on my own" feeling. So ever since I've been wanting to do a little painting on my own. 

At our apartment in Indiana we didn't have cable so we were often limited on what to watch. One day I found myself watching a documentary on Bob Ross. I was so excited because I saw someone I knew being interviewed and found that Bob filmed "The Joy of Painting" in Muncie! I tried to catch his show when it came on but only saw it a few times. 

For Christmas my brother-in-law, Randy, got me a Bob Ross painting set! I was super excited. Dave, on the other hand, doesn't appreciate my new found love of Bob! :) I kept putting off trying the painting instructions that came with the set. But, I finally did it! And I can't believe that I'm actually putting this on here for everyone to see! But it's a pretty funny story :) Here is Bob's first painting ever (yes, I have a copy. jealous?):

And here is how mine turned out:

Happy Little Trees

My favorite parts are the sky and water. I know the picture quality isn't that great. And its still drying so the tape is still around the edges, but not to bad for my first Bob Ross!

I hope this post made you laugh a little. Because I laughed while writing it! Happy Painting!


  1. that is some NICE sky & water!

  2. beautiful! i may need to commission you to do some artwork for my house! i love it!!!! :)

  3. O, the memories. Great job. Proud of you! I love the painting. Good use of your time in a new place.

  4. Happy trees, oh, what a loss when Bob died! just his voice is so comforting, you know even if your trees don't look happy to you, he'd like them and tell you how good (and happy) they were.
    Jayma your painting is lovely. and i hope you can catch more of Bob's shows. they are still shown on PBS stations, there were several years (seasons) so there are many many shows. they are available to purchase (outrageously expensive) but maybe your library has a video lending section, ours did when we lived in Stamford, CT.
    See you soon at Ethan's?